Dear Readers,

First of all, thank You for visiting my blog and reading this introduction.

Let me first introduce myself: my name is Gyula Juhász, and I am a computer engineer. I work as an Android software engineer, and I love it – and computer programming in general.

The main goal of this blog is to share information and experience that may help some other developers and enthusiasts who try to create their own software and are struggling with a concrete problem.

The topic of the posts will certainly be programming and the first posts will probably be Android specific. The platform may change later, but the exact time of later is not defined yet.

Aside from the Readers, I may benefit from this blog too, because I can improve some of my skills by writing the posts. So – as You can see – I’m a little selfish here. 🙂

I plan to be an expert in my chosen areas some day, but I’m not there yet, so there is a possibility for my writings to contain mistakes. If that happens, and someone – maybe You, who are reading this right now – points out my mistake, I will gladly fix the wrong information. However, I hope these cases will be rare.

If You are still reading this, I wish that the title of the blog will be true, and You won’t regret that You ended up here. Welcome on board! 🙂